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Why My Mattress Is Better Than Yours

An immediate lying sensation usually receives no clear information, whether this mattress over a night and many years is the right one. If you think about other important aspects such as temperature or humidity regulation assistance in turning around hygiene and care! Good and independent advice (without commission influence) is therefore important. Since mattresses are developed according to technical aspects or needs, technical clarifications are usually more reliable. It's all about ergonomic facts.

Longer sleep compensates for poor sleeping comfort  prove that the quality of sleep is more important than the number of hours of sleep. Thus, it is worthwhile to invest in a good bed.

If you suppress the urge to move, you sleep better

There are certain mattress concepts and materials that allow you to completely sink in to avoid excessive pressure. Experts advise against it. It has been proven that the body goes through a natural urge to move while sleeping and that it is also healthier to move. Similar to an office chair, one should change the position from time to time to relax or strain the muscles. This dynamization of the sleep movement also promotes muscle flow and regeneration in general. Lazy foams (such as viscoelastic / memory / NASA) should therefore only be greatly reduced and used where appropriate. What works in space does not necessarily have to work for us. Supportive force has an important meaning in our sleep systems. So:

A hard mattress is better

Hard or soft? This is certainly the most frequently asked question in terms of sleeping comfort.

The answer is: The right mattress should be, soft or hard. In the right places, it must support or relieve. She should cling to the whole body. In case of doubt today experts even recommend a softer mattress. The disadvantages of too hard a mattress - such as too strong pressure points on the important parts of the body and even worse, tension due to a curvature of the spine and in the shoulder / head area - weigh too much. Exception: for pronounced belly sleepers you can choose the mattress a little tighter. Thanks to high-tech materials, modern mattresses retain their shape and stability over the years and do not have to be hard to be as long-lasting as possible.

A mattress strengthens my back

The function of a mattress is primarily the relaxation of the body. Thanks to the construction of the mattress (and the insert frame), the body must be ergonomically guided in the various zones so that it can relax optimally. The muscles and the organs only fully regenerate when they are free of pressure, in all sleeping positions. This is especially true for the back and the spine. The back can (and should not, if it were possible) be strengthened while sleeping, as with a fitness load while exercising. Enlightenment and advertising efforts in this direction must therefore be rejected.

A mattress holds 20 years

Sometimes even a hundred years, but only in fairy tales. Although we Swiss are often prepared to invest in healthy sleeping comfort, we tend to keep the mattress of all Western European countries the longest, on average around 15 years. But even a very good mattress loses in 15 years in its functionality. Not to mention what has accumulated in terms of hygiene in all the years in the mattress. A change to a new mattress is therefore recommended every 8 to 10 years.

A mattress has to be turned

This used to be so that the material on the other side could recover. Today, many materials are high-tech products and no longer have to recover from the material. Leading mattress concepts today are even built over the entire height, from bottom to top like a sneaker. In addition to the «no longer have to turn», the comfort effect over the entire height (about 24 cm) is much greater than at a more than half the height symmetrical mattress (each about 10 cm, sandwich system).

Man has to adapt to the mattress

Fortunately, these times are over. Previously, you outsmarted missing bed functions with warming bed bottles, extra pillows, etc. Today, such measures are no longer necessary. A good, advanced mattress adapts to the body perfectly and regulates temperature and humidity such as smart sportswear. In addition, with the new systems of a very good care and hygiene can be met, so you keep not only the mites in check, but promotes comprehensive well-being and has full control over his sleeping place.

You also get used to poor sleeping comfort

As with a car that has gotten old, you get used to a bad mattress. However, this is a not to be underestimated disadvantage, because the body is stored poorly over a long time and can have a lasting negative impact on health. Once you have a problem, you first look elsewhere. As soon as you have experienced the technology of a new mattress, you first know what your body has to do without and at the very most regret that you have not changed to a new mattress before.

One type of sleep system would suffice / One mattress for all

The needs of people are also becoming more and more individual when it comes to sleeping comfort. The versatile systems are suited to very specific sleeper groups. This led to a polarization of the product-specific properties on a respective system. For example, today there is a specially ventilated climate mattress for sweaty sleepers, which, however, is counterproductive for cold-sensitive people, especially in winter or body-specific systems for medical needs. Manufacturers who say a mattress goes for everyone do it first and foremost for themselves, so that everything is easy and profit is higher (like internet mattress companies).

In virtually all cases, these providers also have no development experience and focus primarily on sales, everything else has to be easy. After all, even well-known companies, which for years have sold "only" one system for all (eg Tempur), now offer individual systems because the needs of people are too different. And: the more experts - the more complex the solutions have to be. Today it is therefore in the consultation even more on the development details.